15063 Realtek HDA Driver Final.zip




15063 Realtek HDA Driver Final.zip
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From the man that made that mod:

"I am DJUrko. I am providing you my new modification of the brand new version of the Realtek HD audio driver. Specially designed for Windows 10 including the new standards SFX, MFX and EFX. The plugins I’ve introduced are: SRS Premium Sound, Dolby Audio X2, Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater and Audio by Harman. In the archive you’ll find installation instructions, see folder Extras. Also you need to disable Secure Boot option in the BIOS. I hope you’ll like it all.

For DTS Connect via SPDIF, you have to replace the original files RltkAPO.dll and RltkAPO64.dll by your modified ones in the folder WIN64. However, you will lose the SRS Premium Sound effect.

I hope that you still have the integrated Dolby Digital Live output via SPDIF, when having installed the Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater at the same time. I would be happy to look with those of you who know about modifying these files, to work together on the integration of effects Sonic Focus and PCEE4 (Dolby Home Theater V4). Because I’ve got problems with those. I think that parameters like EP0 and EP1 are required also."
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