Inside the modders: aka a biopic reelin the years


First, in early 2011 a Spanish/Chilean guy wrote a blog about his mods and he made a big success on a South American forum, his name was Gamespirit aka Claudio Ruiz.
He made until 2015 like 25-35 mods, and his legacy continues since then. :)

A few years later on 2013 came a guy called 2bad and he made the first DTS Interactive 5.1/Dolby Digital 5.1 mod with a patcher, followed by other patcher guys until 2018-2019.

After the patch mod, in 2017 came a Brazilian guy that he made an another mod history, his first one was just like I called a test mod, a simple SRS Premium Sound thingy, but until the end of the same year's April he made the first fully DTS/Dolby mod and he came in the mod legacy. :)

The next guy what i'm introducing is a Bulgarian native, and he made also in 2017 the first full package mod ever with a loads of apps at the time with SRS, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Audio (DAX2), the first Dolby Atmos (DAX3) and a bonus Dolby Digital encoder in optical.

Afterwards through the years caming other modders too, but the are doing a refresh of these tools, and remain little successes than our bigger modders.


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*Grabs popcorn*

We, audiomodders, almost take all the features we've already seen and tried for granted.
It's really refreshing with your perspective and narrative of fidelity legacy.


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Well written post,

people tend to take things for granted quickly. I myself have no relation to the old guard, however, I find that the next generation (Ferather; AAF Optimus; etc pp) do a damn good job, sacrifice their free time, free of charge without asking for anything in return and answer the multitude of questions and for that they have my full respect.

[offtopic] But the core of your statement is still true. I come from the area of AMICORE8 modding - without the users from the Rebelsheaven board who have created the basis, I would not be today where I am now from the knowledge. Unfortunately the scene, the hard core, is getting smaller and smaller - and that's a pity[/offtopic].