Mixed 2.0 and 5.1 other Realtek mod drivers


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Hi everybody! :)

This thread is for stereo 2.0 and other 5.1 mods

In begin 2017 a guy came out of nowhere and made a HDA SRS Premium Sound mod and such stuff, he made also an upgrade for Gamespirit mod in the same year (see that thread for more info) :)
He made also Dolby/DTS 5.1 (also another thread too): :)

On that year afterwards modding developers are unstoppable and we get everytime a new mod :)

The same year a guy called DJUrko made the first mixed stuff mod ever:

The first one included specially designed for Windows 10 including the new standards SFX, MFX and EFX. The plugins introduced are: SRS Premium Sound, Dolby Audio X2, Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater and Audio by Harman. In the archive you’ll find installation instructions, see folder Extras. Also you need to disable Secure Boot option in the BIOS.

For DTS Connect via SPDIF, you have to replace the original files RltkAPO.dll and RltkAPO64.dll by your modified ones in the folder WIN64. However, you will lose the SRS Premium Sound effect.

I hope that you still have the integrated Dolby Digital Live output via SPDIF, when having installed the Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater at the same time. I would be happy to look with those of you who know about modifying these files, to work together on the integration of effects Sonic Focus and PCEE4 (Dolby Home Theater V4).

Sadly DJUrko dissappeared in 2018 and came back in awhile a little in 2019, since them he's not available nowadays.

And an another guy made in 1.5 years span his first mod on Gamespirit/chmdream mixed stuff, it was from mid-2016 to end-2017: :)

The v8308 mod though it's no longer the latest version but does have the ASUS Sonic Focus (v3) instead of the older Sonic Focus (although it may or may not be better than the older one).

And he made another one, but a 5.1:

The 8328 DDL/DTSi mod should work with Win7/8x/10 [even under defunct Vista] whether they are 32bit or 64bit.

These all where first new modders in 2017 to begin the new chapter of modding and onwards the legacy is ultimate amount of things :)

Please make sure before install Gamespirit/chmdream mod (v8308), DTSi/DDL (v8328) making the Test Mode :)

For SRS Premium Sound. This is valid for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

TIP 1: Working on all Windows 10 versions.
TIP 2: On Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you need to uninstall your Realtek installed driver and turn off Driver Signature Enforcement.

Driver Version:

Download link for HDA SRS Premium Sound:

For DJUrko's first try:

For the Gamespirit/chmdream (v8308) hybrid mod:

And for the v8328 DTSi/DDL mod:



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Mixed HDA Mods between 2017 and 2019:

The .exe files working only Windows 10 build 15063 to nowadays, the almost all the .rar files are all working on Windows 10 except "Realtek by Alan Finotty", "Realtek HD Audio with PCEE4, SRS, Sonic Focus and DTS".rar," and "Realtek 3.rar" these are Windows 7 stereo 2.0 mods :)

Not working on Windows 7 and Windows 10 19H1 to nowadays are: "ALL VS Realtek.HD.Audio.Drivers.", "Realtek.HD.Audio.Drivers." whom I know :)

It contains a file is a UAD mod, working just on Windows 10 is "Realtek_DCHU_Sound_8721.rar", that's an exceptional mod :)