Realtek DTS 5.1 drivers


Welcome onboard :)

This thread is for 5.1 drivers

In the Gamespirit thread I mentioned the beginning the mod evolution :)
So towards the end of 2013, a user called 2bad made patches for unlocked 5.1 drivers
He made a few ones for like a half a year, and after he dissappeared of public, but his legacy made him famous :)
He was the first user that he made the Home Theater for free :)
After that came other users such like Phito to made new patches, and the rest is history :)

For such a long time was just only Dolby Home Theater/DTS Interactive 5.1 driver and in the beginning of 2018 a user make it with Dolby Digital Plus included, and in very end of the same year came other versions of the new HDA 5.1 generation of mods, successed by UAD 5.1 in mid-2019 and on to mid-2020 :)

Anyway, this is 2bad's fancy method to begin a 5.1 mod:

(Note: DTS Interactive is marketed as DTS Connect when bundled with DTS Neo: PC)

Unlocked options you will get:
- Dolby Digital Live
- DTS Interactive
- Dolby Home Theater (Dolby Virtual Speaker for 2 speakers, Dolby Pro Logic II for >2 speakers)
- DTS Neo: PC

This will work on ANY Realtek HD Audio codec. (Edit: Excluding ALC2xx under Windows 7)

Unlocked Drivers:
Download Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver and replace the relevant file with the file provided:

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 - 32 bit and 64 bit - R2.73 M1:

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 - 32 bit and 64 bit - R2.71 M1:

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 - 32 bit and 64 bit - R2.71 A1 (Alternative method):

Note for 64-bit Vista / 7 / 8 users:
This is an unsigned driver, you must do one of the following for the driver to load:
1. Press F8 before each boot and select "Disable driver signature enforcement".
2. Test-sign the driver and enable Test-mode.
3. Patch the kernel to permanently enable unsigned drivers.

Alternatively, here is another modification that does not require breaking the driver signature, and instead modifies one of the user-mode DLLs,
Unfortunately, usually Windows PUMA (Protected User Mode Audio) will check the digital signature of the user-mode DLL and will refuse to play ("Failed to play test tone"),
even so, PUMA will only re-verify the DLL signature after a system restart.

Because of that, and because Dolby Digital Live / DTS Interactive settings are used regardless of the DLL being loaded,
you can still replace the DLL and go to Control Panel > Sound, set the output format to Dolby Digital Live / DTS Interactive, and then switch back to the original DLL,
the Dolby Digital Live / DTS Interactive output setting you have set will still be in effect, even after a reboot.


(Other work method):

This will work on Vista/Win7/Win8 x86/x64
1. Download Realtek Drivers. (R271)
2. Download/Install WinRar or 7Zip
3. Download Modded Driver
4. Extract your Realtek Drivers (the exe file you just downloaded)
5. Extract you Modded Drivers
6. Now open folder "Realtek High Definition Audio - Unlocked Drivers ..."
7. Open the next folder (ex OS Version - M3)
8. x86 users open "RTKAPO.dll folder"
x64 users open "RTKAPO64.dll folder"
9. Now copy that ".dll" file to your Realtek Drivers sub folder Vista64 (x64 OS)
10. Now just run "setup.exe" from the Realtek Drivers