SoundMax 5.1 drivers


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Hi everybody! :)
Back then in 2014 had a guy finally modded a 5.1 SoundMax driver, before then that it where only X-FI drivers available for that chipset :)

He was able to modify a Soundmax Driver to enable DTS Connect/DTS Interactive for my codec that doesn't originally support it.

Background: He got a 5.1 system and it takes SPDIF in. Learned that SPDIF only carries 2ch or DTS compressed! So, foobar, youtube, games, etc. all require using Pro Logic II to get all the speakers working, or in the case of video games that do surround, require 3xAnalog plugs (which are better quality wise, but not every receiver has this input).

DTS Connect or DTS Interactive is a technology that takes 5.1 sound and encodes it realtime into a DTS stream to be sent over SPDIF coax or TOSLINK, for one-cable multichannel sound.

On the Realtek DTS 5.1 drivers can you find the links of the unlocked files :)

So, he had to do it for SoundMAX!

He had a SoundMAX A1988 variant of some sort on my motherboard, which has the following Hardware ID:

You can find the Hardware ID by going to Device Manager, right clicking your device, going to properties, then the Details tab, and selecting Hardware Ids from the dropdown menu.

The P5E driver from the ASUS website doesn't have the DTS Interactive option for his motherboard! It can only output 2ch, or pass an original DTS stream (from a movie for example) through SPDIF. To get a game, or foobar (with channel mixer 5.1 output for example) to be multichannel, I would have to use 3xAnalog cords.

He took the Vista 64 bit audio driver which is for a similar SoundMAX chip on a different motherboard:;p=1&os=

But the installer gaves him an error, saying I don't have the right device present.

So, modding is necessary:

In the driver download, open the following file with notepad:

Replace a hardware ID already present in the file with your hardware ID.

I replaced the following line:
%HdAudioFunctionDriver.ADICodec.DeviceDesc% = A19882C, HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_198B&SUBSYS_10431495

%HdAudioFunctionDriver.ADICodec.DeviceDesc% = A19882C, HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_198B&SUBSYS_1043829C

Then, the installer gave another error, again saying I don't have the card, but it mentioned a file which was platform.cfg.

He looked at the platform.cfg file from my P5E driver. It has a section titled with the line "1043829C".

He just copied/pasted that whole section into the end of the platform.cfg file from the Striker Extreme driver.

Success! The driver installs!

His receiver indicates it is getting DTS, when any stereo computer sound plays.

What happens though, is there is no Pro Logic option available for a DTS input, on my receiver. So, foobar and other 2 channel sound is just stereo by default, and is forced to play out of only the front left/right speakers. So, for foobar I am using channel mixer to give 5.1, and video games work in surround as usual. VLC does a DTS/DD passthrough just fine when playing movies with DTS or DD audio.

If watching youtube, it plays in stereo (or mono from the centre speaker for mono videos) since there is no upmixing. The DTS Neo:pC option in the driver doesn't work however! So, stereo will stay stereo. Your receiver may have Pro Logic option for DTS input available, so use that. For the time, I don't mind youtube being stereo. I can always switch DTS Interactive off if I want to send 2ch to the receiver and use PLII on it.



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HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_198B | will make that universal to the vendor, and device.
HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4 | will make that universal to the vendor alone.